Versatile visual storyteller.

Background story:

In high school I was the Vice President of my student body, and while am grateful for the experience of guiding my peers through our developing years, spirited school events, and fluctuating student politics I enjoyed being President of our school’s improv group even more. It was in this group called “Kitsch” that I joined Sophomore year that began to dive deep into a world of storytelling, video editing, and collaboration with various talented friends. This would be the impetus for me to apply for film schools over law school to my excitement and my mother’s dismay.

Loyola Marymount’s School of Film and Television is continually regarded as one of the top 10 film schools in the US and attending it was an incredibly worthwhile educational endeavor embarked with many student projects from short films to feature length documentaries. I also pulled together a terrific internship opportunity assisting studio director Louis Letterier (Incredible Hulk, Now You See Me) for six months giving script notes, answering in-studio phone calls, and meticulously observing high profile meetings listening to professionals discuss character building, pre-production methods, and storytelling.

After graduating and completing a few years freelance video producing/directing/editing for companies like Timbuk2, Boombotix, and more I landed a job at a new start-up called Lyft. The company was only about 120 employees in size and still finding it’s place in the world (payments in the app were still considered “donations”). Over the next four and half years I grew from a Content Creator developing educational video campaigns for drivers into a Creative Producer organizing and planning large scale productions with casts, crews, and budgets! Working with agencies and production houses our small creative team helped build the story of Lyft and push out a visual identity to the world that helped it climb in marketshare month after month under amazing leadership. We made 100s of videos and grew our Youtube channel from 1000’s of views to almost 100,000,000 today. We worked on developing training videos that featured real drivers from comedians, singers, part-time, and full-time sharing their stories of how Lyft helped them and letting them offer their best advice to future drivers. We wanted to create useful content yet needed to maintain the human element. We created content that went viral such as our Undercover Lyft series where celebrities would go undercover as a driver and delight fellow passengers in their cities often promoting charities or upcoming shows. We crafted award-wining hardware product launch videos and even won a Silver Lion award at Cannes. We also made materials to help push our philanthropic endeavors such as our Veteran’s Day piece for the highly praised RoundUp & Donate passenger program. When I left Lyft the company had over 3000 employees and was valued around $11.5 billion dollars with a strong concept of itself an incredibly exciting road ahead.

I am currently spending my time refreshing my Dad’s HVAC business marketing tools and processes while looking for the next big opportunity.



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