Creative Producer

Most of my Creative Production comes from Lyft were I joined the company around 120 employees and stayed until we were over 3,000. I was tasked with producing multiple video and photography productions in more than 10 cities during my almost 5 years there including the Undercover Lyft series which accrued tens of millions of views on Youtube and our 20 video Driver Education series which helped onboard over 50,000 Lyft drivers and is still used in the app to this day.


Being knowledgable of cameras and settings is the first step Learning to compose and light to tell a story is the second. Photography and it’s visual messaging has been a passion of mine and a skillset I have been able to bring with me in almost every production. Images of mine have been spotted in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Lyft’s homepage, and


One of my favorite aspects of storytelling is directing and editing. It is always a joy to work with talent and creatives to tell the best stories. Editing the magic you were able to capture is one of my favorite stages of production.